The alternative to PowerPoint*

There is an alternative to PowerPoint* that increases the impact of the presentation by a multiple factor. Do not forget that there was a time before overhead projectors and PowerPoint*. It is easy to talk about what does not work, but we also know what DOES work.

We do not want to be right, but we just want to get the best result. And with this perspective, the comparison of its alternative score wins in 95 of the 100 cases. It is observable that the alternative is three to five times more effective.

The alternative to PowerPoint is using the FLIP-CHART!

PowerPoint* will almost never beat a real person who is creating something on a flip-chart. As the effect of the illustration is not being created by the result but by the ACT OF CREATING it. That is where the effect lies and not in the result itself. That is the reason why the principle of PowerPoint* does not work.

It is just not true, that PowerPoint* only had to be employed “correctly” (with instructions like "less text", "do not overload", "no more than 5 lines", etc.). When compared with flip-chart in 95 of 100 cases, flip-chart is by far more effective than a presentation with PPt. This is not a claim, it can be proven. 


Objections that are heard again and again:

But PowerPoint* are my notes. Without PowerPoint* I would have to learn everything by heart.

No that is wrong. With the simplest case just print out the PowerPoint file and put it in front of you. You take the paper version as notes. But now it is just YOU who sees the content and the audience remains excited. You can also take notes on cue cards and use those for memory.


But if I have 200 people in a hall, then those in the back do not see anything.

No, as you have the projector anyway. So direct a home camera at the flip-chart and that is shown on the screen using the projector for projection. With an audience of up to 100 people you will not need a camera. Even the last rows will be able to see it.


 Demonstrations why PowerPoint looses in 98% against a Flip-Chart


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