Money destruction reports

Here you find two types of PowerPoint* reports:

1) Events that were considered a financial loss by the participants.

The underlying thought was that the participation at the PowerPoint* presentation was considered as superfluous or as a motivation killer. In such cases, one can make calculations on the basis of the hourly pay rate of the participants to reach the figures quoted. In addition the costs for transport, hotels and restaurants, shall be added. This is an expense for the Swiss economy amounting to several billion annually. PowerPoint* does not only cause damage to the Swiss economy but also to the economies in the rest of Europe, North America, and all of the 193 countries in the world.

2) Reports by people, who were successful by renouncing PowerPoint*.


Mannheim versus Deutsche Bahn (German Rail)

Success by renouncing PPt!
I am a born Mannheimer and worked there as Director of the Regional Association – as one of the youngest directors in the whole of Germany. The Regional Association covers a region with 2.3 million residents. ...

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Economic money destruction Switzerland 2.1 billion

National economy losses!
Let us have a look at PowerPoint* from a national-economic point of view; at nearly all places where people are employed, presentations are done with PowerPoint*. In Switzerland there are about 40 500 companies with more than 10 employees. Then there are still other institutions: schools, universities, research institutes, international organizations, laboratories, associations, parties, authorities, municipal administrations, federal administrations, hospitals, foundations, Police (...)

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Pharmaceutical company 120’000 CHF

Money destruction report of 120,000 CHF.
Three times per year the company organizes a so-called "Tierce conference" with roughly 250 employees present.  For three days in a row, from 8:00 AM until 6:00 PM PowerPoint* is continuously being presented.  All together 9 days per year. 

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Prohibiting PowerPoint for a sales manager conference

Money destruction amount 11'000 CHF.
We are a technologically orientated firm with engineers and technicians; For that reason we usually have PowerPoint battles on the occasion of our presentations. I assume that during these events we pay 11'000 CHF just for salaries. We have decided that we will not accept the use of PowerPoint for our International Sales Manager Conference 2007. The result was astonishing: [...]

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3-country conference in Austria. 4.200 Euro

Estimated economic loss: 4’200 Euro!
We were travelling to Austria with a few colleagues to a meeting with participants from 3 countries. There were a total of 15 participants. The conference leader started off with a PowerPoint* presentation.
After 20 pages of the PowerPoint* presentation I became tired but I tried not to show it and continued to take down the most important points. [...]

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