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... there’s this recent news from Switzerland. There is now an organization in that country devoted to ending the use of that ubiquitous and maddeningly dull software... read the whole article

Washington, Unites States

As for solution #1, the flip chart, Mr. Poehm’s point is simple. PowerPoint deadens a live presentation. Using more unsourced data, we are told a flip chart is three to five times more effective because it allows the speaker to ... read the whole article

New York, United States

PowerPoint must be the least enjoyable way of wasting time there is; a heavy slideshow can leave one feeling grumpy and passive and in no frame of mind for proper work. read the whole article

London, Great Britain

But Mr. Pöhm’s Anti PowerPoint Party, whose platform wobbles between banning PowerPoint outright and just making people aware of the presentation software’s communicative shortcomings, puts a new twist on the splinter tradition. read the whole article 

New York, United States

"As soon as you write your text and speak it in parallel, you destroy your message," Poehm says from his home on the outskirts of Zurich. "If you don't believe me, try it out." read the whole article

Atlanta, United States 

In his book The PowerPoint Fallacy, Poehm offers alternative approaches that he believes should be considered, including the flipchart as the best means to avoid the spiraling costs that are testing the countries finances. read the whole article

London, Great Britain

Poehm believes that the software takes people away from their work and teaches them little. "There is a solution," he says. "A flipchart." read the whole article

London, Great Britain

“The party is serious and the cause is serious,” Mr Poehm, a public speaking coach, told The Times. “The problem with PowerPoint is that it creates boredom. There is no suspense.” read the whole article  

London, Great Britain

By assuming that across Europe, 11% of the 296 million employees are being subjected to twice-weekly PowerPoint presentations, Mr.Poehm calculates that lost productivity due to PowerPoint amounts to !110 billion per annum. read the whole article

New York, United States

The APPP wants to draw attention to presentations, at which the participants consider their presence afterwards as futile. The Party calculated that hourly wages of the attendants alone result in suffering an annual economic damage of 350 billion Euros worldwide.
read the whole article

United States and Canada

Something must be done to stop this insanity, says the APPP. "If you, in the future, also want to say less often during presentations: 'Had I only stayed at home"...  read the whole article

London, United Kingdom

... a fascinating political party in its quest to have PowerPoint banned from the country... read the whole article


San Francisco, United States

Switzerland’s Anti-PowerPoint party ... if such a movement were imported to the United States, it would have the enthusiastic backing of some of our top military commanders... read the whole article

Foreign Policy Washington. United States

Their noble mission is not to abolish PowerPoint presentations from the face of Earth, but to remove any constraints associated with them.  read the whole article


"This issue will be raised in the awareness of the all people who still don't know that there is an alternative to PowerPoint and with this alternative you, provably, achieve three to five times more effect and excitement with the audience than with the PowerPoint," he said.  read the whole article

United States

There’s a political party in Switzerland that actually works to decrease the number of PowerPoints used in professional presentations!  read the whole article

Chicago, United States

Cape Town, South Africa

HardWilli in the Morning chat to Matthias Poehm, founder of the Anti PowerPoint Party. Click below to hear the inteview


Newsy, the multisource video news service of USA reported:




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