The Cause


The APPP is an international movement (in the organizational form of a party) whose objective is to influence the public to put a stop to the phenomenon of idle time in the economy, industry, research, and educational institutions. Particular attention is to be paid to the economic damage resulting from presentations using PowerPoint*. 

The APPP regards itself as the advocate of approximately 250 million world citizens (500 000 in Switzerland) who, every month, are obliged to be present at boring presentations in companies, at universities or at schools and who, up to now, have not found a political representation in politics.

PowerPoint* causes national-economic damage amounting to 2.1 billion CHF

During a lot of presentations, using the presentation-software PowerPoint*, motivation is not built but, on the contrary, destroyed. 

Due to the use of PowerPoint*, where the time of attendance is statistically considered as a waste of time by the majority of the participants, the Swiss economy is experiencing an estimated annual loss amounting to 2.1 billion CHF.

The party advocates the use of flip-charts for all presentations. Compared to PowerPoint*, the use of flip-charts creates a multiple effect for the audience in terms of impact, excitement, and comprehensibility. This is not a hypothetical assumption but can immediately be proven through comparisons.

The APPP is motivated by the basic idea that work, in all its aspects, is supposed to be fun, and that time spend on presentations should be a considerable part of that fun. 

The APPP aims at drawing economic and industrial enterprises as well as research and educational institutions away from boredom to guide them towards excitement. The expected result is a happier work style that, in turn, will have a positive impact on the working morale and productivity. 

Through the systematic use of flip-chart the Swiss economy will benefit from clearer, more effective conferences, meetings, presentations, and speeches. This will trigger off an impact on innovation and motivation whereby Switzerland would become an international model for other countries.  


National referendum for a law prohibiting PowerPoint* during presentations 

The APPP aims at a referendum in order to seek for a prohibition of PowerPoint* during presentations. The only aim of the referendum is to lift the PowerPoint* issue both to the awareness of the Swiss people and to the awareness of the world population. We don't want to prohibit anything to anybody – through this virtual claim we only want people to have a look at the existing solutions.

Furthermore the APPP stands for introducing the subject presentation in schools as a compulsory subject from the first grade on; this would be done by employing flip-chart and without using PowerPoint* – since PowerPoint* impedes effect. People convince - technical aids do not.

We want the world to take note of this cause. Everybody complains but nobody does anything!  Our aim is to create an awareness among people worldwide, that by using flip-chart and avoiding PowerPoint* you can achieve much better, more exciting presentations with a three to five times higher effect.  

We do not say, that all presentations using PowerPoint* are bad - far from that. We only say, that the same presentation (which you may even have liked with PowerPoint*) would have been better WITHOUT PowerPoint* in 95 % of the cases. Nobody tries that and nobody knows about it. That is why we have decided to act now! We want to lift this fact to the awareness of the world population.


PowerPoint* is like an illness against which remedies have been available for a long time. But they are currently still being ignored. 


Objective: To become the 4th largest party in Switzerland.

The APPP wants to surpass the SP’s (Social Democrat Party) total number of members - that is 33,000 members - and thus become the fourth largest party in Switzerland .

Moreover, the APPP will participate in the Swiss parliamentary elections on the 23rd of October 2011 and thus possibly line up for entering the Swiss national parliament.

This is our goal:






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*PowerPoint is always mentioned as the representative of all presentation software