Firms which don't use PowerPoint

The following companies confirm that they renounce to using PowerPoint for making presentations within their company (except for photographs or videos)


Apple Computers

Steve Jobs

"People who know what they are talking about, don't need PowerPoint"

Steve Jobs prohibited PowerPoint and Keynotes in meetings.

GlaxoSmithKline England

Andrew Witty, boss of GlaxoSmithKline, with 99'000 coworkers, doesn't want to see PowerPoint in his company any more. "He hates Powerpoint and encourages 'real conversations' instead" Quote from Management Today

Amazon USA

"Even Amazon boss Jeff Bezos bans PowerPoint presentations in his company." Quote FAZ

BrainLand & MindMapp, Kiel (Germany), 

"We are using during our seminars only Overhead and Flipchart. PowerPoint is abolished. People love it."

Hans Schriever GmbH & Co. KG, Lüdenscheid

Estill Energy, Solar-Installation - Ontario (USA)

"We have never had a powerpoint presentation in our 3 year history, and inform incoming sales reps not to use power point"

1&1 Website Hosting, Montabaur (Germany)

Andreas Gauger, bis 2008 CEO of 1 & 1 said during an interview in „Jungen Karriere“ (04/07):

„And always these PowerPoint-presentations. This is such a nonsense. I hate PowerPoint. It is forbidden here."

Informatikdienstleistungen Peter Affentranger CH-6423 Seewen


Pöhm Seminarfactory, Bonstetten Zürich (Switzerland)

„I have been holding seminars for 14 years without ever having used PowerPoint. Only when I go to clients I am looking prefessionally at PowerPoints. After having evaluated them I remove them in 95% oft he cases in favor of a higher effect“


Last update: 5. January 2016

Yes, we too have abolished PowerPoint presentations in our company (except for photographs and videos). Please include us in your list.
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