Economic money destruction Switzerland 2.1 billion

Let us take a look at the PowerPoint* problem from an economic point of view.  Almost everywhere, where people are employed, presentations are done with PowerPoint*. In Switzerland there are about 40 500 companies with more than 10 employees. Then there are still other institutions: schools, universities, research institutes, international organizations, laboratories, associations, parties, authorities, municipal administrations, federal administrations, hospitals, foundations, the police, churches, communities, the Army... . All these institutions use PowerPoint*. 

The situation in Switzerland:

In Switzerland there are 4.1 million employees (students and pupils should also be counted). Let's make the conservative assumption that 11 % of them have to assist to PowerPoint* presentations on a regular basis. In that context we will assume that the presentations take place twice a week on average and have an average number of 10 participants (in big companies and institutions like ABB, Novartis, the Army, and universities… . The average number of participants may be umpteen times higher). Let us further assume that not all but only 85 percent of the participants find that the presentations are killing motivation. We will then consider the Swiss average hourly rate of 56.30 CHF. These assumptions will give us an annual monetary destruction of

2.1 billion Swiss Francs!


The situation in Germany:

In Germany there are 41 million employees. With the same assumptions as for Switzerland and considering a slightly lower hourly rate, Germany's annual economic loss through PowerPoint* amounts to:

15.8 billions Euros


The situation in Europe:

In Europe there are 296 million employees. With calculations based on similar assumptions, the use of PowerPoint* in Europe brings an economic loss amounting to:

110 billions Euros


If you, in the future, also want to say less often during presentations: "Had I only stayed at home" then you can do something.

Solutions are AVAILABLE. Contribute to get these solutions adopted. become a feeless propent make APPP the 4th strongest political party in Switzerland


*PowerPoint as a representative of all presentation software

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