Flipchart beats PowerPoint*

If you work with the flip chart then you have chosen the presentation medium that creates the strongest impact of all by far. Here are a few tricks how to become the Copperfield on flip-chart:
just silently move the flip chart one meter forward. Then observe the excitement that has been created with the audience with this alone. Beat on the flip chart with the flat hand! You will find it incredible how much attention that creates among the audience, when you do that. It takes courage but those who want to be opinion leaders have that courage (following that, just try to get the same effect using your projector).

As a test, draw three boxes on the flipchart and connect those boxes with single-line arrows. Then draw the identical image again and use two lines for the arrows and acute triangles as tips of the arrows. Compare the two drawings. There is an impressive gain of impact!

Please imagine the following scenario: A speaker draws a multiple-axis graph on the flip chart WITHOUT any labels. Only on the vertical axis he draws a small line half way up and writes "10 million" next to it. He talks: "Our turnover of the last three years". Starting from the bottom line he draws a bar ending just above the 10 million marking. "In the year 2008 we had a turnover of 10.5 million Euro". Next to it he draws a smaller bar and says: "In the year 2009 we had a turnover of 8.8 million Euro". Then he draws an even smaller bar next to it and says: "In the year 2010 we had a turnover of 7.9 million Euro". Then he looks at the audience and energetically draws a line through the top of the bars starting from the top left and going to the bottom on the right continuing to the bottom line:  "We have to react - and that's now!"

Just try to reach that live impact using PowerPoint* ! It has always been and it will alway be:  people convince - not technical aids. Once you have had a live experience with a flip-chart you will believe, if I say: PowerPoint* impedes effect! PowerPoint* impedes effect! PowerPoint* impedes effect!

It is not only possible to draw diagrams by hand but you will have to do it if you want to move people!

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* PowerPoint as representative of all presentation software

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