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The book "The PowerPoint Fallacy" by Matthias Poehm, which at the same time is our party program.

95% of all presentations today are given using a projector and PowerPoint*. Yet what some people consider to be professional often completely destroys the effect on the audience. PowerPoint does not make for entertainment but rather for boredom. That is due to the fundamental concept of PowerPoint, not to how it is used! Discover how you can dispense with PowerPoint forever and moreover, with which alternative you can achieve five times the effect. In addition, you can trigger fascination at the push of a button. That is not just a catchy advertising slogan; it really is possible! M. Poehm shows you how.

·   Why PowerPoint and projectors impede effectiveness: the facts!
·   How you can present figures and diagrams with triple effect without PowerPoint
·   The 2% exception for PowerPoint. But how?
·   How to make a crime thriller out of even the driest subjects
·   How to portray your own achievements in such a way that the audience will be profoundly impressed
·   How to double your bid chances with well conceived presentations


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