National Referendum

In Switzerland there is direct democracy. If you collect 100.000 signatures in favor of a new bill inSwitzerland, then that bill will be presented to all eligible voters of Switzerland. If a majority of the voters vote in favor of the bill it will become the law! 

The Anti PowerPoint Party is has planned a referendum for some point in the future in order to direct attention to the issue. The national referendum will demand a Swiss-wide prohibition of PowerPoint* during presentations. 

The only goal of that vote is to lift the issue both to the awareness of the Swiss population and to the awareness of world population. We don't want to prohibit anything to anybody – through this virtual claim we only want people to have a look at the existing solutions.

This national referendum is only to serve the purpose of all media talking in depth and at length about this problem. There is an alternative solution only nobody applies it!

Finally we do not aim at abolishing PowerPoint*;  the goal  is to obtain a high membership rate, and a high rate of "yes" votes during the national referendum and thus to bring the issue to the attention of a global public. 

Once 100 000 signatures have been collected, a big “Anti-PowerPoint Party” (with internationally renowned DJ’s) will be held in Zurich for all members (probably at the "Volkshaus"). 
Become a member free of charge.

The APPP will participate in the National Council elections (parliamentary election), which will take place on the 23th of October 2011 with the goal of getting seats in the National Council (the Swiss National Assembly). Again the only goal is to focus attention on the topic.There is nothing comparable in the whole world yet. Then the focus of the entire world will be on Switzerland.  


*PowerPoint as a representative for all presentation software